Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Dessert Truck, New York New York

New York City, if you can't find it here I dunno where you're going to find it at all! Seriously, a truck full of designer desserts....the concept is insane, but sure enough it is real. Using a prep kitchen by day and an old truck by night, these fellas are quite possibly the most unique dining experience I've ever seen....and coming after a meal at Momofuku....wow.

Parked conveniently outside a Starbucks near NYU, every item on the menu looked appealing but my sister and I managed to restrain ourselves and select only two. The first, a molten chocolate cake with pistachios, sea salt, and olive oil was incredible. Though not a chocolate dessert fan by nature, the smooth liquid center contrasted sharply with the salt and nuts while soaking into the cake surroundings and simply blew my mind. This is chocolate dessert as it should be!

The second, the Chocolate Bread Pudding with Vanilla Creme Anglaise can only be described with the sound Homer Simpson makes when drooling over donuts. At the time I ordered it, this was by far the best bread pudding I'd ever tasted (only to be outdone the next day by Nancy Olson's best-dessert-ever-candidate bread pudding at Gramercy Tavern) and the white cream was quite possibly a chemistry experiment in supersaturation as I'm not sure how one can dissolve that much butter in a cream and serve it so warm without it becoming gelatinous. At $5 this dish was the best value in all of NYC.

Sitting on the stairs of the small library behind the truck my sister and I simply sat and chatted as we slowly savoured the incredible desserts and talked about the long day with nearly 12 miles of hiking Manhattan from 7am till 10pm. A wonderful ending to a wonderful day.

If a dessert truck existed in Columbus I'd surely be 10lbs heavier and the OSU Ross Heart Hospital would not only be a good place to work, but also a good place for managing my lipids. :-)

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