Saturday, May 17, 2008

Eddie George's Grille 27, Columbus Ohio

An OSU alumni who remembers when Singing Dog Records inhabited the run-down building where Grille 27 now sits, I must admit, I'm a 28 year old 'old man.' I like fine dining, I like quiet restaurants, I like quality over quantity. With that said, I have to admit I find Eddie George's to be a damned cool place on "game days," whether it be Buckeyes, Blue Jackets, or Cavs.

While the menu isn't healthy (at all,) a few small tweaks can make many items fit even the most picky eater's dietary needs. As I went with 3 guys who swear by the meatloaf , there was not much diversity on our table, but I admit the presentation and price ($12.95) for the dish was very nice and if I liked beef I'd have given it a try. I myself opted for a large salad sans dressing but with seared Ahi Tuna. The total cost for the dish was $13 and while not as well priced as the huge caloric load of the meatloaf, the Ahi was excellent quality, fresh (likely frozen, but good enough that I can't guarantee this,) and seared very nicely with a bit of spice. The salad was large and the greens were nicely presented with housemade croutons, carrots, diced cucumbers, and suprisingly fresh tomatos. For "bar food" this was a very pleasant dish.

As it was game day, the noise level was pretty intense, but that isn't such a bad thing when surrounded by fans cheering King James over the Celtics. Game commentary came across clearly on the speakers and we were saved from the banal advertising at breaks with Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, the Who, and even some Led Zeppelin. I can't argue with that soundrack, at all. The place was jammed packed and people were drinking too much, but hey, it is a college bar.

Ample televisions, comfortable bar stools, outdoor-only smoking, and the doors opened to the outside in mid-May were a great setting despite the crowd and everyone was having a great time as the Cavs pulled off a big win. The 20+ flat screen televisions provided ample visualization of the game, even from the bathroom with its clever one way mirror design (thats right fellas, watch the game while standing at the urinal.)

All said, I really enjoyed Eddie's and the vibe of the place, despite that fact that I don't drink and don't indulge in bar food. Clearly the 4 star rating is 4 stars as relates to it as a bar/place to watch the game. The food would be closer to 2.5/3.0 stars, although I admit I'd like to go back for dessert at some point. I imagine it could be a great place to go with a family, or group of Buckeye lovers during midday for a low cost/high volume meal, as well, without the college-bar vibe.Get there early, grab a seat, and enjoy the game. Consider taking blinders for your little-ones, however, because I gotta say, dresses are getting a whole heck of a lot shorter these days. Either that, or at 28 years old the average college girl is just looking a whole lot younger.

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