Saturday, April 11, 2009

Bakery Gingham, Columbus OH

I've been around and had a cupcake or two....or twenty. As much as I wanted to love Bakery Gingham in order to find a delectable choice locally (as opposed to LA, LV, or NYC) I just can't love it. Good? Sure. Great? Nah.

Went with my family on my first day off in 20 after breakfast at Banana Bean and picked up 1/2 dozen choices - Vanilla, Neopolitain, Dreamsicle, Oreo Sandwiched, Chai Tea, and Elvis Has Left the Building (Peanut Butter Chocolate Banana.) While the cakes were moist (albeit small) and light and the frosting sugary and plentiful the overall effect was just sort of dull. Sure the store is cute, sure the salesgirl was nice, and sure the location is sort of cool - but at $2.50 I expect vanilla to taste vastly different from orange dreamsicle and both to be entierley different from chai tea or oreo....subtlety has a point, but not so subtle that orange and chocolate are similar.

Wile I wouldn't say Gingham is bad by any means, it isn't great and the prices are on par with the organic cupcakes at Omega and places that are vastly better in other cities. I'd like to try Grandpa's Coffee at some point and perhaps some of the cookies in the future, but I'd not rush back with pistachia vera just down the street.

I will give credit for the cutesy easter decorations on the cakes for easter - even if the easter cookies on the oreo didn't make much sense. Additionally, no red velvet? Really?? Bait and switch, totally, on the Buckeye Nation and Smore, as well. Finally - Cup o Joe - sigh. There is potential here, but thus far it seems unrealized.

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