Saturday, September 22, 2007

Emeril's New Orleans Fish House, Las Vegas Nevada

Unlike many, I do not judge a restaurant by it's "location." Just because something is in Las Vegas doesn't mean I will rate it lower than if it were in Columbus. If possible, I'd give Emeril's Fish House 2.5 stars, but because of the experience and the dessert, I'll bump up.

Went to Emeril's before Frozen Fury X last year, both my buddy and I dressed in LA purple. Although not "fine dining" I worried that we would be underdressed, yet fortunately most of the people in the MGM were there for the same reason. Go Kings Go.

Service was prompt, friendly, attentive, and intelligent. Although clearly not a Kings fan, she knew the right questions to ask and was quite personable. Bread (delicious garlic bread and a not-quite-Mina-quality cornbread) were served promptly and refilled continuously. Drinks and water were also promptly attended to.

For my meal I opted for Cedar Grilled Yellowtail with Potatoes while my buddy selected Filet Oscar. While both presentations were relatively simple, the plating was attractive, the food was very fresh, and portions were adequate for the prices. For a side we split Lobster Mac n' Cheese that was incredibly creamy and cheesy, yet with enough lobster that it wasn't overwhelmed. Definitely the highlight before dessert arrived.

For dessert I was delighted to see two of my favorite items combined, one from the 95% of the time I eat healthy, and the other from the 5% when I don't; Sweet Potato Bread Pudding. Served with a caramel cookie and marscapone icecream I'd say this was one of the 5 best Bread puddings I've tasted, though nowhere near the one at Emeril's Orlando location. My friend choose a flourless chocolate cake with a Godiva liquor milkshake that, although small, was enjoyed greatly by my friend.

All told, I've certainly had better meals, but the place was above average 'dinner out.' Perhaps I overrate it for great presentations of my favorite bread and one of my favorite desserts, but all told I think Emeril is a pretty decent chef who people like to pick on because he is a little over the top. The man can cook. Thats what matters.

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