Saturday, September 22, 2007

Social House, Las Vegas Nevada

"Scenester" sushi bars are generally all about the glitz and less about the fish. One would expect this to be even moreso in Las Vegas. One would be incorrect.

Reservations for the patio overlooking the pirate show were easy on a Thursday night and the crowd was a mixed bag of older rich guys with their wives and younger hipsters wearing True Religion. Like everywhere else in Vegas, however, it isn't as much about how you look as how you spend.

Seating was prompt and the servers were quick......too quick, in my opinion, to suggest the most expensive menu items when my buddy asked for recs. Admittedly, though, he was knowledgable of the menu and knew how to guide my non-sushi-loving friend to some safe choices.

Throughout the course of the meal we selected and sampled the Tempura shrimp with cold udon and sweet sauce, Unagi Avocado Rolls, Kobe Tartare Roll, Jalapeno Hamachi Tartare, Cracklin Scallops with grilled eggplant, Chocolate Lava Cake, and Mochi. Each dish was delicious and my friend raved the Kobe roll so much I actually ate beef for the first time in 7 years (what happens in Vegas, I guess.) Particular standouts were the flawless Scallops and the Cherry Blossom Mochi.

After the pirate show (from an AWESOME angle directly behind and w/o the crowd) we made our way out to the bar area, and although not particularly my 'scene' had a great time. The waitress was friendly (not to mention gorgeous,) the drinks were pricey but tasty, especially the espresso Martini, and the crowd was fun.

All told, for a "scenester" sushi club, the place is nice and the fish is much fresher than most places of the like. If you're looking for a place with a good view of the strip, some dinner time entertainment, a happening scene afterwards, and decent prices (expected Vegas Markup) for the food quality I'd say Social House might fit the bill.

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Rich said...

it's probably buried somewhere on your blog, but what is the reason you generally don't eat beef?