Monday, February 25, 2008

Griddle Cafe, Los Angeles California

In short, I've been to the Griddle Cafe twice and consider them to be the two most audacious breakfasts of my life.....and the two most delicious. This is the best breakfast I've ever had and the prices are amongst the best in LA. The pancakes are HUGE, the Coffee is strong (and refilled in individual french presses for free,) the servers are friendly and clever.

As an Ohioan with a long time love of the LA Kings, I make my way to LA once a year for a game and each time I try to experience as many new places as I can.......yet each time I return to the Griddle Cafe for at least one breakfast. Black Magic? Pumpkin? Berries? Kahlua and Bailey's? How about some carmelized bananas with strudel? I haven't even tried the french toast! There is nothing like the Griddle Cafe here in Ohio, which is probably fortunate for my waistline and arteries, but when I do endulge I want it to be worth it.

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