Monday, February 25, 2008

Mrs. Beasley's Bakery Cafe, Costa Mesa California

On my most recent visit to So. California I decided to fully experience the cupcake rage that is sweeping the nation and just now finally arriving in the midwest. During my visit I tried Yummy, Crumbs, Sprinkles, and Mrs Beasleys. Visiting with three other people, a myriad of options were selected at each and many pictures were taken.

While we hadn't planned on Mrs. Beasleys, after many hours of shopping the Southcoast plaza and planning to head over to the Honda Center to watch the Ducks/Flames a snack was definitely in order. Having already experienced Yummy and Sprinkles, it seemed appropriate to give Mrs. Beasley her chance......alas it did not live up to the standard.

Entirely too much frosting, too little moisture in even the tiny cupcakes, and generally drab in favor (the mint avalanche an exception in that it was quite good) I'm not sure if what I experienced was an old batch or 'the norm' but it was not on par with SoCal's other stellar cupcakeries.

Clearly Mrs. Beasley's is not a 'cupcake only' establishment like Yummy or Sprinkles, but I'd take my cupcake needs elsewhere.......unless of course I just needed a delicious minty option in the middle of a manic spending spree at this gorgeous (and insanely expensive) mall.

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