Saturday, September 6, 2008

La Chatelaine, Worthington Ohio

Desiring a quick breakfast on a Saturday morning in Columbus is always a hit-or-miss affair. Sure there is the wonderful ZenCha, overrated yet good Northstar, obnoxiously crowded and scenester dominated Banana Bean, or downright awful Tee-Jays, First Watch, or Bob Evans. Sure I could pop in for a bagel at Panera or Einstein, but sometimes a little variety is good. Being out at the Worthington Farmer's market and having heard good things, we opted for La Chatelaine.

Set up as a quaint French bistro, yet with a kitchen full of highschool guys and servers/cashiers no older than sixteen I must say I rather doubt the cullinary expertise of the staff. All things being equal, though, the servers did a good job of describing items and filling orders, so I cannot complain.

Between the two of us we ordered two coffees, a half baguette, a croissant, a chicken and olive quiche, a chocolate mouse, and a pistacchio croissant. Standouts included the fantastic pistacchio croissant and the elegant yet delicious chocolate mouse as well as the stupendous french caramel coffee with unlimited refills. Lowlights were the lack of Nutella, a MUST at any legit french bistro (or American equivalents such as Bouchon,) high prices for quality/portion ($25 for the breakfast,) and the pre-prepared nature of the quiche which simply made the crust too dry by the time we arrived at 10am.

In reality, I have to say I enjoyed the meal but believe that it was overpriced. On future visits I'd certainly opt for a chocolate mouse or berry tarte and coffee, but my search for a good French bistro in Columbus will have to continue. Not bad, but not "great" either.

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