Saturday, September 27, 2008

Sensi, Las Vegas Nevada

To be fair, Sensi really didn’t have much of a chance....not that it tried too hard either. A meticulous planner, my dinner reservations going into Vegas were mapped out months in advance and my breakfast details planned out extensively. While my lunches were unscheduled, I generally knew where I wanted to go and generally went there. When my best friend decided at the last minute that Enoteca San Marco wasn’t something he was interested in and suggested “something asian maybe” I remembered hearing good things about Sensi and turned to it as an alternative since my buddy had been so agreeable to places like MiX and Alex which weren’t really his “scene.” Tucked in the back of Bellagio and pretty tough to find, unfortunately Sensi wasn’t tough enough to find.

Seated immediately near the admittedly awesome bread prep station, our ‘waiter’ Jeremy W briefly asked “sparkling or flat” and my friend stated flat. We were brought an already opened bottle of Fiji and two glasses of ice. When I suggested tap water would be fine, the ‘waiter’ stated “Well, the bottle is already opened.” The bottle cost $8 and was not comped despite our not wanting it. Approximately ten minutes later menus were brought and essentially dropped off without explanation. The waiter then returned approximately 10 minutes later with some Naan to go with our empty condiments (every other table was served fresh soy, salt, mustard, and tomato pepper chutney with their Naan…I had to stand up and get my own. Orders were taken and this was the last we’d see of Jeremy until he delivered the bill.

Browsing the restaurant I must admit the décor was beautiful and watching the chef prepare the Naan was interesting. After one basket of the delightful and doughy yet crisp bread topped with spicy chutney a non-descript server arrived and removed our basket, later returning with fresh bread. This was the best service we received at Sensi.

After around 20 minutes our mains arrived, myself ordering Oven Roasted Diver Scallops with Basil Risotto, Zucchini, and Eggplant and my friend opting for the Shrimp and Beef with Duck Fried Rice. All things being equal, the food was decent but certainly no better than I’ve had at far cheaper restaurants with vastly better service. My scallops were a tad overdone but certainly fresh and tasty while the Risotto was soft yet consistent and contrasted well with the vegetables. My friend additionally noted his dish was “pretty good.” Portion sizes were adequate but certainly not excessive considering the $20+ pricetags.

Another 15-20 minutes passed after the meal and thankfully I was seated close to the server’s station where I was capable of filling my own glass with tap water because during that time no on arrived at our table. Eventually Jeremy reappeared and without asking about dessert or anything else he delivered the check and collected our dishes. “Have a great day” he said. To be fair, it wouldn’t have taken much to be a great day after such a disappointing meal with such lousy service. The total bill was $56.03 and our most affordable meal of the trip. No tip was left as no tip was deserved…I’ve had better service at Denny’s.

The only plus of the meal was that on the way back to the sportsbook and gaming floor we had to pass by the beautiful Bellagio gardens and Jean-Philippe where I ordered the best Tiramisu I’ve ever had. Moral of the story? If you’re on your way to Sensi just stop, grab some tiramisu and gelato and watch the chocolate fountain.

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