Thursday, January 18, 2007

Roscoe's Chicken n' Waffles, Los Angeles California

Arriving early in the afternoon after a nonstop from Detroit to LA, my mother and I loaded up the rental car and feeling quite famished made our way to Roscoe's with our baggage still in the car. Myself being a bit of a tech-nerd (camera, phone, laptop, psp, mp3 player all in tow) I was somewhat tentative to park at the $0.25 meter, but thankfully all was well. Tiny, dirty, and not a single other Caucasian face in the crowd, $25.00 netted us some Louisiana Style Double Fried chicken Breasts, Corn Bread, Sweet Ta To Pie, Mac n' Cheese, and WAFFLES. Snoop, Funk Master Flash, and some old NWA played on an old boombox behind the bar and the staff was incredibly friendly, fast, and helpful.

I don't normally eat "comfort food," but I have to admit the stuff was amazing and the environment was actually quite comfortable. While it may not be the "best" food, or even the best soulfood (hey, I grew up in Toledo, Detroit was less than 1 hour away) this place is DEFINITELY worth the trip just for the novelty compared to the normal 'dining scene' in Los Angeles. GREAT cornbread.

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