Saturday, January 20, 2007

Toast, Los Angeles California

Where the Griddle Cafe was all about enormous portions and good prices, Toast was all about image and quality. 100% natural ingredients and 100% delicious, breakfast consisted of omelets, bread, and fruit. My meal included chicken, onions, spinach, and portabellas with a fantastic whole grain bagel and mixed fruit dish that tasted more fresh than I've had in ages.

When the hip waiter stopped by after we were finished and asked "can I interest you in dessert?" my response of "Dessert at Breakast?" was met with "Yeah, what better time?" On his recommendation, a coffee cake muffin was split in half, buttered, and grilled. Cinnabon, eat your heart and trans-fats out, this place kicks your ass. To ANYONE visiting LA, put this item on your must have list, it is THAT good.

The rest of the experience.....meh, I prefer Doughboys and Griddle Cafe as a vacation breakfast, but if I lived in LA and beat the morning rush, I'd eat here based on the healtfulness, quality, and scene. On par with Northstar in Columbus.

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